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Domestic Homicide Reviews

A Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) considers the circumstances in which the death of a person aged 16 or over has, or appears to have, resulted from violence, abuse or neglect by: 

  • a person to whom he or she was related 
  • a person with whom he or she was, or had been, in an intimate personal relationship 
  • a member of their household 

The purpose of the reviews 

All community safety partnerships must carry out a homicide review of every domestic homicide (murder) where local agencies have been involved with the family. 

The aim is to understand: 

  • what went wrong 
  • what lessons we can learn about the way local professionals and organisations work to safeguard victims 

A Domestic Homicide Review is not a review of the police investigation, coroner’s hearing, or any internal disciplinary. They’re not intended to apportion blame. 

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