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Workplace Guidance

The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 Statutory Guidance on domestic abuse has been published. The new guidance highlights an employers’ role of care and includes the recommendation to have a policy or guidance on domestic abuse that might include paid leave or flexible working arrangements. 

By joining EIDA (Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse) you can access examples of effective policies being used by employers. 

EIDA is free to join and will give your organisation access to a whole host of resources and benefits to kick-start or develop your journey in tackling domestic abuse in your workplace.

Employer advice via telephoneThe Respond to Abuse Advice Line (Hestia) 

Respond to Abuse is a resource for employers to advise them on how to approach disclosures of domestic abuse by their employees, and to triage such employees into the appropriate local specialist domestic abuse services. 

Employers who are seeking advice can either call 07770 480437 or 0203 8793695, email between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday for support or visit . The Advice Line is 100% confidential and free. 

What types of issues/concerns can someone contact the Advice Line for? 

  • Any questions, concerns or queries regarding domestic abuse including how to support members of staff enduring, witnessing or perpetrating domestic abuse.
  • Advice and support around children experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Guidance around organisation’s policies and procedures.